The Best Corporate Team-Building Activities

Are you starting to see droopy shoulders in the workplace? Then it’s definitely time for a team outing. Team buildings is a fantastic way to allow your team members to bond which ultimately reduces stress among your employees and provides the opportunity to get to know each other outside the work environment.

However, what ideas to you have for a memorable team building exercise? Perhaps you start off with a Google search for ‘outing ideas for team building’ and managed to stumble on articles that recommend professional development activities and field trips. However, do they provide real excitement? Thankfully, we included a handful of team building ideas that will certainly provide everything you need and more.

Scavenger Hunt

Check the weather reports for a beautiful day and split your employees into groups to enjoy an entertaining scavenger hunt in a city. You can either use a popular app, such as Stray Boots or simply organised the event yourself. Your employees will feel rejuvenated and good after a few fun challenges and some fresh air. Make sure you take loads of pictures and provide a slideshow at the end of the day when everyone regroups.

What’s My Name?

This is essentially a game where each employee receives a name of a person, either alive or dead, which needs to be displayed on their head, back, or part of their body which can only be seen by other employees. Once everyone receives a name, employees will be required to mingle with each other and treat their teammates in the same manner they would treat the listed person on the card. They are allowed to ask questions to correctly guess who they actually are.


This team-building activity can either end in disaster or dessert, in an entertaining way. Creating brand-new dishes with team members will require loads of creativity and for everyone to put their leadership and team skills into action. Pick a food category, divide your team members, and challenge each group to create something delicious. Categories could involve pizza, salsa, or even ice cream.

Sneak a Peek

In this team-building game, employees will be split into groups of 4 and take turns to recreate objects purely based on memory. Using construction items, building blocks, or LEGO’s, one employee will craft a structure or object which each team needs to recreate. An employee will have 10 seconds to take a sneak peek at the object and return to their group to describe it to the others. The team that manages to reconstruct it the fastest, wins.

Board Game Tournament

This is the best way to fire up competitiveness among co-workers without having to leave the work environment. Create a board game tournament for all employees and challenge them to see who will reign supreme in the workplace. Some of the most popular and competitive board games include playing cards, Jenga or even Boggle. You can even create prizes for those that finish in the top 3 positions.