The Best Cricket Stadiums in the World

Cricket is considered one of the most fascinating and popular games, not only in Asia but across the globe, that cannot be enjoyed without a decent cricket stadium. No one can argue that watching a cricket game on television doesn’t provide the same thrilling experience that you will receive when you watch from some of the largest stadiums across the globe. It’s worth mentioning, however, that there are numerous factors that determine the worth of a stadium. This can include aerial view, facilities, pitches, capacity, lighting are more. We therefore picked the best stadiums in the world according to several factors and provided each of them below.

The Lords Cricket Ground – London

The Lords is considered the home of cricket. Established at the way back in 1814, the ground was named after Thomas Lord, its founder. The cricket ground at The Lords is home to the Middlesex of London country team and the Marylebone Cricket club who both play their home matches on this impressive ground. It’s also been the venue for the most prestigious matches in the history of cricket and has hosted 4 World Cup Finals in 1999, 1983, 1979, and 1975, making it one cricket ground that you definitely need to see in your lifetime if you consider yourself a cricket enthusiast.

The Oval – London

The Oval cricket stadium is like the name suggests, an oval shaped cricket ground which is quite rare in the world of cricket as most grounds are usually circular in shape. The Oval has been the inspiration for several other stadiums to make it look more appealing and attractive. Established in 1845, The Oval is located in Kensington, London and hosted the first ever cricket match between Australia and England. It also played host the first FA Cup final back in 1872 and the first football match between Scotland and England.

Melbourne Cricket Ground – Melbourne

The Melbourne cricket ground is the biggest stadium in the world. Much like Lords, it comes with a rich history that stretches back to the 19th century when Australia played international cricket matches against England and when Pakistan managed to defeat England during the 1992 World Cup to win their first ever World Cup trophy. The cricket ground has tons of history on its side as it hosted the first International test match between England and Australia and the first ODI match in 1971. With the stadium in the centre of the city, it plays host to boxing day matches on 26 December and manages to draw huge crowds every single year.

Eden Gardens – India

Known has cricket’s answer to the enormous Colosseum, this Indian cricket ground is one of the most renowned stadiums in the world and offers premier sporting events in India. Situated in the city of Kolkata, this cricket ground has been in the limelight of international cricket since India played against India in 1934. It’s considered the second largest ground in the world and can accommodate up to 90,000 fans.