The Best Football Teams of the 21st Century

The first ten years of the 21st century has provided some phenomenal teams at both an international and club level. Selecting the top football teams is not an easy task, and plenty of incredible teams have been left out. However, there can only be the best of the best on our list. The following list consists of the best football teams of the decade and the period when each of these teams was playing at their best.

2008/09 – Barcelona

This is arguably the best team of the 21st century and even the best group ever created in football. There are absolutely no words to correctly describe the ‘Dream Team’ credited by Pep Guardiola in 2009 and what they achieved. Playing the most incredible football the world has ever seen, this squad fascinated the world even to those that didn’t like Barcelona. Samuel Eto’o, Thierry Henry, and Lionel Messi managed to score 100 goals combined during the season. This team managed to capture six trophies in one season!

2008-2010 – Spain

This is arguably the best national team of the 21st century. Spain were the World Champions and European champions between 2008 and 2010. Making them the best national team of the last ten years. With Xavi and Iniesta at the helm, the Spanish national squad dominated every opponent in style. They achieved this by controlling possession, frustrating their opponents and eventually winning all their games since 2008.

2002 – Brazil

The World Champions of 2002! Brazil managed to win every single game during the 2002 World Cup and phenomenal football. Ronaldo managed to score eight goals, while Rivaldo scored a total of 5 goals. With a genuinely unusual 3040102 formation, the head coach of Brazil managed to transform a group of football stars into an almost unbeatable football team. Rivaldo, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho formed the deadliest attacking force in football history.

2003-2007 – AC Milan

In 5 years, AC Milan managed to reach the Champions League final on three occasions and won two of them along with a quarterfinal and semi-final appearance thrown into the mix. This alone makes AC Milan one of the greatest football teams of the 21st century. If they were able to dominate the Italian Serie A league during their reign, they could have been ranked much higher on our list. However, despite all their success, they only won a single Serie A title in 2004.

2007-2009 – Manchester United

Only an incredibly strong football team can earn a total of 3 consecutive Premier League titles along with a Champions League title as well over three years. Led by the top two players in the world, Ronaldo and Rooney, Manchester United was considered the most dominant team in Europe between 2007 and 2009. They managed to reach the Champions League final on two occasions as well as a semi-final during the same period. There’s no denying that this Manchester United team was unbelievable.