The Best GoKart Tracks Worldwide

Go-karting is fun and competitive. It can be a social activity or be applied in team-building exercises. Millions of people can indeed enjoy Go-karting annually. Even though tracks are well presented in most urban areas globally, there are some significant differences between different paths. These differences determine whether you are going to have a good or a great experience since the track is as important as the kart. Thus, let’s explore some of the greatest tracks on the globe for the die-heart fans of this thrilling sport.

Dubai’s Kartdrome

This Kartdrome is the home to an extensive fleet of leisure Karts. These deliver on an immaculate experience of racing and fun. The track has a high level of safety measures in place to ensure that everyone above the age of seven can have loads of fun within a safe environment. These karts are equipped with Honda engines, and this ensures a superb driving experience. The high level of technology on the track ensures precision when statistics regarding qualifying times and records are provided.

Indoor Karting in Indianapolis

Fast times is a 900 ft. Track which is the home to racing speeds up to 40mph. Regardless of the skill levels of drivers, the road delivers an abundance of speed and safety. The track is both owned and run by a family whose dedication to karting can be seen in every element of this karting track for more than 15 years already.

Lydd Kart Circuit in Kent in the UK

Here you will find the fastest karting track in the entire Kent and one of the top-ranking tracks in the whole country. The route has been established in 1993 and features 1 040 meters of speed and fun. The road is a favourite to many Owner/Drivers who race in their karts. They do however also offer what they refer to as Arrive & Drive where racers make use of their rental karts. A shorter track of 500 meters is a popular place for regular children’s parties

Orlando Kart Center

This is the perfect venue for corporate events or simple family and friend fun. The track also offers a variety of programs. Not only does the road allow for brilliant racing, but it is also situated close to other fun venues. The famous Sea World is only a mere 5 miles away. The karts in this centre can reach speeds as high as 45 mph, and the track delivers various challenges resembling bumps and curbs as on a regular road.

The Jim Hall Track in California

This track has been custom-built, and the karts are equipped with four-stroke engines, full protective fenders and racing slicks while onboard timers are used for keeping track of every meter of action, lap after lap. Drivers don’t need a license to partake, and no age restrictions are enforced, but a minimum height requirement has been set at 4’6”.