The Best Sports Activities for Corporate Team Building Events

The importance of building unity and a sense of togetherness in a corporate environment is usually underestimated. Teaching colleagues solidarity and the value of team harmony is important to further develop the workspace and the best way to achieve this is by team building exercises and activities.

However, choosing a team building activity that is engaging and fun for everyone involved can sometimes be rather difficult. Therefore, we compiled a list of the best sporting activities to assist you in finding something that everyone will enjoy.

Scuba Diving

To share your pre-dive nerves with a fellow work colleague, the laughter that is associated with putting on a wetsuit, and the gestures required to communicate under the water will offer a truly unique experience for each and every work colleague. Even if you don’t have an ocean on your doorstep, there are plenty of diving schools in and around the area that can easily facilitate your requirements to build a stronger workforce.

On the Water

There’s no denying that raft-building is one of the greatest team building activities as everyone needs to be involved to make it work. Every team will need a couple of oil drums, planks of wood, and ropes to successfully build their own raft. Once the raft is built, each team will need to test their boat in the water and see who is able to reach the other side of the shore or dam first. It’s all about team building and who can construct the most original raft, or even the most resistant.


Racing is another fantastic team building activity as you can feel the speed and adrenaline in both large and small vehicles. You can easily find multiple circuits and racetracks around your area, such as go-kart racing or even a comprehensive driving experience while using exotic racing cars. You can setup qualifying sessions that are followed by intense racing action in go-karts or you can simply spend a day on the track while admiring beautiful cars and taking them for a test drive around a track while enjoying the company of your fellow workers.


Although most co-workers aren’t huge golfing enthusiasts, there’s still plenty of fun to be had when you decide to take your colleagues to a golf course or even a golf range. Workers can take part in competitive games, including swing games and putting games. Those that don’t have a clue on how to swing will certainly provide loads of laughter as you see who can drive the ball the farthest on the driving range or who can put the ball in the least amount of shots.

Mountain Bike Trails

Another marvellous idea is to take your team on trails with a mountain bike. Not only will you enjoy the scenery but you will also need to work as a team to form a united group to successfully make it over the finish line. No one gets left behind.