The Craziest Paintball Fields Worldwide

There is playing paintball, and then there is experiencing the thrill of a lifetime while playing paintball. The one is a game which is a lot of fun, chasing friend and foe between many old tyres and stacked pallet wood. Then there is playing paintball on some of the world’s most insane fields. These vary in a great combination of being overwhelming in size to just simply daunting in what it offers. Let’s explore some of these paintball masterpieces which the world has to offer.

Chicago’s CPX

This 143-acre facility is known for often hosting some of the most fabulous paintball events in the globe, like Living Legends. The more than 20 different fields can comfortably accommodate the more than 2 000 players who partake in these size events. The various areas have different themes and players can decide between playing in the Jungle of Doom, Armageddon which represents a town in ruins or even the exciting field in The Town of Bedlam. At the Chicago CPX, paintball takes on a different dimension, and this venue is a must-visit for any paintball fanatic.

Australia’s Hot Shots Paintball

Real props, real backdrops, explosions, special effects and sound effect. Did we get your attention yet? This is what you can expect at this fantastic field, stretching over 100 acres. Delivering a true to life experience, both thrilling and exciting. Players have an option of various areas themed according to some brilliant big screens hits including Fortunes Glory, Mission Impossiball, Assassin in the Ruined City and Dr Evil’s Laser.

New Zealand, Asylum Paintball

If maximum security is what you are searching, then get going to the Kingseat psychiatric hospital. Between 1932 and 1999 this venue was home to the maximum-security ward of this mental hospital. Playing in one of the most haunted buildings in entire New Zealand. Since so much of the field is in closed quarters, this field is open for play regardless of the weather. For a super creepy time, visit the Lock downward or the Killing House and experience the thrill of paintball extreme.

Skirmish in the United States

This broad field of more than 700 acres is the home to the most excellent scenario game, taking place every year in July when 4 000 people attend the Invasion of Normandy. Their 50 fields are equipped with tanks, castles, an abundance of woods, helicopters and forts.

Hollywood Sports California

Saving the best for last. This field offers 28 acres and seven areas with different scenarios as well as a two-story building. This venue is home to a full MOUT course as well as the movie sets from The Haunting, Saving Private Ryan, Godzilla and Starship Troopers. It is known as the best-themed park in the entire world and will be worth the visit for anyone keen on taking their paintball to the next level. Why play in an ordinary field when you can play on a movie set?