The Richest Sporting Events in the World

Sports are considered an essential part of entertainment because it activates enthusiasm within millions of people around the world. To successfully provide a list of the most luxurious sporting events in the world, we need to look at the most popular sporting events across the globe relating to the highest grossing sports tournaments as well as their popularity and the athletes that earn the most. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the richest sporting events in the world.


Soccer, also referred to like football, is regarded as the most cherished sporting event in the world. For several years it’s been considered the highest-paying sport in the world and features a significant list of athletes that form part of the wealthiest athletes in the world. During 2017, Christiano Ronaldo claimed the top spot on the list of the wealthiest athletes in the world when he was earning around $93 million. The second richest person on the list was Lionel Messi, who was earning $86.2 million in the same year.


Basketball, regarded as the second wealthiest sporting event across the globe, is also considered the highest paying sport around the world. This might come as a surprise, especially when compared to football, but basketball stars earn more than just a salary from the basketball association. High-profile players have several sources of income, including endorsement deals, their brand of clothing or shoes, and wages. For instance, LeBron James currently earned around $86.2 million, while Kevin Durant earns around $60.6 million.


Boxing is regarded as an extremely demanding, physical sport that comes with phenomenal rewards if you reach the top. It is one of the most dangerous sporting activities on the planet; boxing has managed to create a niche for itself among the highest-paying sports in the world. Like most athletes, boxers earn money from a wide variety of sources, including PPV, betting, and endorsements. To give you an idea, Mike Tyson managed to make around $75 million during 1996+, while Floyd Mayweather managed to earn a whopping $300 million in 2015.

Auto Racing

Some of the most significant and most rewarding auto racing events from around the world include Formula One and NASCAR. Both racing tournaments come with accidents and risks. However, the top racers are rewarded with a remarkable amount of wealth for their efforts. Apart from earning a sizable salary from racing, these racing drivers also receive an additional income with endorsements and royalties. In 1999, Michael Schumacher managed to secure a cool $49 million from Formula One to give you an idea of how much money can be made by racing around a track.


Golf is a great sport that is watched by millions of spectators every year. Therefore, it’s no surprise that golf made out a list of the wealthiest sports from around the world. Tiger Woods is undoubtedly one of the best golfers in the world and has managed to earn between $75 million and $115 million each year over the last decade.