The Sporting Worlds Best Team

When you are striving to be the best, it is best to follow the leaders and learn from their success. The New Zealand All Blacks are delivering on excellence time and time again and are therefore not only considered to be the most successful team in the world but also making them a great example to follow to any coach, in their journey towards success.

Being ranked as the top team in the world is more than just defeating your opponents; it is doing so consistently with conviction and pride. Over the past 112 years, the All Blacks managed to overcome their opposition 77.09% of the time. This is a statistic which they are still improving on. For the past four years, they have managed victory on an average of 94.44% of the time. This is a clear indication of the notion that being at the top is never a reason to stop improving; it is merely motivation to get even better today than what you were yesterday. What are the secrets to being the best in the world, which made the All Blacks the team which they are?

One of the first things that any New Zealand boy gets taught is how to pass and catch a ball. This is a vital part of their upbringing. Mastering the fundamentals of the game is essential in their education, and therefore they already start to exceed their competition from a very young age onwards.

The Next Level

When these boys reach their senior years of school, these fundamentals are vital to their rugby playing careers. The high schools in New Zealand are taking their rugby very serious and don’t hesitate to invest in their rugby programs to continually deliver excellent results. Some of the high schools best known for excellence in the game are estimated to spend, on average more than $400 000 annually, on developing their rugby programs. When the boys play at this level, they are also already exposed to playing in front of large crowds and often with their games being broadcasted. Massive investment and exposure is the cornerstone of taking these young men further into their careers as rugby superstars.

Great Support and Coaching

When players move on from high school to a more senior level, their options are not only vast but also well-supported by coaching and excellent administration. Because these players have plenty of opportunities to continuously excel, they are players of the immaculate standard by the time when they are chosen to represent their country on an international level. Hence the secret of success of the All Blacks is based on more than just one contributing factor. It is the results of a long history of achieving excellence on every level required to be an international leader from a young age onwards, continually providing the best in coaching and never settling for being mediocre.