The Weirdest, Wildest Team Building Ideas for 2019

Guessing games in the boardroom, scavenger hunts at a local park, and pyramid-building in the office gym. Most team-building activities are only a tad more physically demanding or interesting than sitting at your workstation to complete actual work. However, team-building certainly doesn’t have to be so boring. A handful of businesses are combining team building with incentive travel to provide some of the weirdest and wildest trips in 2019.

Great White Shark Diving

Several operators in Africa, Australia, and North America provide group cage dives involving interacting and spotting with Great White Sharks. Supreme Sharks, situated in Cape Town, South Africa, guarantees shark-spotting and even a return hunt for them. The company promotes its business as outdoor adventures that also works as team-building activities and leisure experiences.

Rat’s Nest Cave  

Drill down to experience an intense team building activity with caving and spelunking expeditions when you visit the Rockies in Canada. Situated in Canmore, Alberta, the Canmore Cave Tours provides a vast range of underground and above team-building experiences in the Rat’s Nest Cave that is 8,878 foot under Grotto Mountain. The Solitude, Adventure, and Explorer programs will take groups containing a maximum of 8 people that can last between 2 and 4 hours.

Spy School

The team-building company based in London provides a Spy School program that will only take up half of your day designed for groups containing up to 250 people at multiple locations across the United Kingdom. Cloak-and-dagger team building activities are specifically designed to hone in the dynamics of the group, including driving tanks, hand-to-hand combat, code-breaking, crossbow-shooting, fire-making, and sniper-shooting.

Digging in Las Vegas

The ultimate sandbox for adults is situated in the centre of the Mojave desert, located in Las Vegas. This Dig This facility plays host to a maximum of 40 people per group and provides customised programs of operating and driving heavy machinery, including excavators and bulldozers. Teams of 5 or 6 will throw on safety vests and hardhats to compete in completing construction and demolition tasks. Groups will also be assigned certain roles, such as manager, labourer, and foreman for added fun.

Learn To Survive

There’s no better way to build and test tolerance than participating in a training program on how to survive a ship sinking at sea or a simulated plane crash. Based in Groton, Connecticut, Survival Systems provides open-water survival and sea courses which forms part of the Team and Leadership program. This water program, which can last up to 8 hours, includes various exercises, including underwater escape, jumping from a certain height, surface-water survival, how to be rescued, and raft evacuations.

Get Wild

Disney Meetings provide companies with Indiana Jones style programs that can last up to 3 hours of wild African tracking at the popular Animal Kingdom in Florida. The adventures include close encounters with avian, amphibian and mammalian denizens at the theme park stretching across 580 acres. You can also visit the Magic Kingdom to meet Mickey Mouse and others.