The World Corporate Games

The Corporate Games, founded in 1988, regularly delivers a magnificent sporting celebration for businesses globally. It is considered to be the most massive multisport feast on the globe. These events bring great opportunities to both organizations and teams for brand promotion, team building, improved staff morale and productivity, workplace wellness, networking opportunities, business leads and friendships. With patrons backing it from Francois Mitterrand to Nelson Mandela in his days.

The History

In 1985, Dr Maureen Johnston, who is also responsible for founding World Masters Games, delivered another great idea, World Corporate Games. She saw the need for a global multisport event offering people from all over, to support their teams and be proud to be associated with it. The intent was to place no limitations on participation and men and women were to be considered equal. Even disabled participants were to be integrated. This idea led to the founding of Sport for Life and then the enormous task ahead was to find the perfect city to host the first significant event. Being at the core of California’s business centre and around the corner from Silicon Valley, San Francisco seemed to be a great choice, and it was an instant success. From there, the locations varied annually, being hosted by many great cities globally.

Soon the game grew considerably and in 1992 London was host to the Corporate Games with 5126 participants registered. Another milestone was the first multiracial event hosted in Johannesburg in 1994. This was done with the late Nelson Mandela as a patron, and it delivered an astounding 10 676 participants. Currently, the Worldwide Corporate Sporting Community is boasting with the inclusion of more than 70 different sports, 101 cities, from 5 continents there are 38 countries present. The total of organizations involved exceeds 30 859, and the participants are over 1 000 000.

World Corporate Games Qatar

For the first time, the Middle East is home to the Corporate Games. Qatar will be hosting the 23rd edition. The event is set every second year, and the previous host was Houston. The game is set to take place between 6 and 9 November this year. Another milestone for this event is that it is the first time that mind sports and eSports will be incorporated as well. This year’s event is an equal playfield for teams and individuals, men and women and all ages. It will also include those categorized as a novice, semi-skilled and skilled. The games will also include those with disabilities in the para games. Qatar is offering the most amazing and modern infrastructure. The people of Qatar is preparing to welcome the international world of corporate games with their warm hospitality and a festive ambience in the city.

Other the many years which the world has come to love and appreciate the World Corporate Games it has proven itself to be a brilliant opportunity of bringing people of all walks together in a dominant display of teamwork. An event to look forward to.