The World’s Most Unique Bowling Alleys

Ten pin bowling is an extremely popular and entertaining activity for families, corporate team buildings events, and graceful sports stars. They can either transport you to the future with luxurious and futuristic themes or blast you back in time with a 1950’s theme, complete with jukebox music from Elvis Presley along with a wide variety of delicious milkshakes.

It’s for this reason that we decided to scour the internet to locate the top-rated ten pin bowling alleys in the world to showcase how fun and entertaining this activity can truly get.

White House Bowling Alley

The president of the U.S might spend most his days looking after the country, but in the evenings, he obliterates pins in his truly amazing bowling alleys. Yes, the president has two of them in the White House. One is beautifully decorated in red and blue, and you can gain access to this incredible bowling alley when you stay overnight for a mere $400.

All Star Lanes, London

Situated in London, All Star Lanes is a bar, restaurant, and bowling alley all mixed into one. You can enjoy knocking down some pins in a retro themed venue with an extraordinary 70’s theme, or you can treat yourself to a retro-Western themed bowling alley, complete with tons of memorabilia from this phenomenal era. Each venue comes equipped with bar areas and break-away dining with mouth-watering menus.

Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill, Tacoma

Located in Tacoma, Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill is essentially a family restaurant, boasting with one of the most unique bowling alleys you’ll ever come across. The entire venue is presented with an under-the-sea theme. The bowling alley impresses with a total of 16 lanes, shimmering with large, flamboyant fish along with a coral-inspired wall. Bowling balls are returned through terrifying shark and crocodile mouths, providing a truly epic experience for everyone involved.

Brooklyn Bowl, New York

Situated in New York, it’s considered one of the most incredible destinations on earth according to the Rolling Stones. It’s essentially a hybrid bowling alley with rock and roll music which has been decked out with fried chicken and Chesterfield lounges. Located on the other side of the bowling alley is a massive stage that has seen performances from Roots, Elvis Costello, and the Guns and Roses to mention but a few.

Pinewood Social, Nashville

Located in Nashville, Pinewood Social provides a one-of-a-kind bowling alley that is both minimalistic and retro. Unlike most bowling alleys that feature exposed trusses, high ceilings, and a lack of bright neon lights, the Pinewood Social bowling alley is certainly something worth seeing as it provides everything other bowling alleys don’t. It also comes equipped with an outdoor area, lounge, bar, dining area, and café for added convenience.

Splitsville, Tampa

Situated in Tampa, Splitsville is an extremely popular bowling alley boasting with a remarkable 70’s theme. The overall layout is hip and sophisticated and features pool tables, decent lighting, and loads of comfortable seating areas to easily watch the pins fall to the ground.