Toto Wolff Discusses F1 Triple-Header

Expansion of Formula One’s seasonal calendar will evoke numerous changes onto the motorsport, with the most prominent being alterations to personnel operations. Toto Wolff from Mercedes AMG-Petronas emphasised that triple-headers in Formula One will impose substantial exhaustion onto engineers, and staff that disassemble garages before departing from a circuit. Toto Wolff spoke freely about the long-term affects of sustaining triple-headers after F1 CEO Chase Carey announced a 23-Round season for 2021.

Triple-headers are three consecutive Grand Prix’s in Formula One. The method of race scheduling was first introduced in the 2018 F1 Campaign, which drew notable criticism from team personnel & supporting fans. Most could understand by witnessing crew members, the exhaustion they’d feel entering the third Grad Prix.

CEO Chase Casey doesn’t dispute that teams can enter levels of unexpected exhaustion, but that financial recovery is required for 2021 after the Covid-19 pandemic. Chase Carey promised that triple-headers won’t become a conventional form of scheduling in Formula One. Last resort measures to earn profits are being implemented by Chase Carey, resulting in two triple-headers in 2021.

Teams have understood their obligation towards assisting Formula One with generating greater profits. Formula One almost didn’t resume operations in 2020 following the coronavirus pandemic. However, last minute scheduling permitted a 17-Race season to unfold. Three Grand Prix’s remain before the 2020 campaign closes, with these GPs meant more for excitement than anything else. The Drivers & Constructor’s championship have both been awarded, with Lewis Hamilton becoming a seven-time winning champion in Formula One & matching Michael Schumacher’s record.

The Wolff Reacts

Toto Wolff discussed his thought process behind Formula One’s triple-header scheduling, expressing that CEO Chase Carey is correct & that teams are beneficiaries of the sport. This means their primary purpose is to generate funds for Formula One, while also sustaining their respective profits. Toto Wolff did notify that there’ll be exhaustion associated with two triple-headers & that CEO Chase Carey should consider allowing a secondary team of engineers/assemblers for each team. This would resolve any concerns for F1 outfits like Mercedes. Toto Wolff will likely officially propose the idea to Chase Carey before the 2021 season begins.