Tour and Travel Operators for Team Building

Team building might be considered an unnecessary expense, but investing in the work culture will undoubtedly provide more productive and happier employees. When team building is involved, most companies tend to follow the same recipe. Either do nothing and simply hope for the best, schedule in-house team building events, or plan an out of office experience and go all out with the team building event.

To be honest, most companies couldn’t care less about team building and then there are companies that truly believe in its power. This can benefit organizations and companies of all shapes and sizes, spanning across all industries. For instance, Bob Huggins, the West Virginia University basketball head coach, fully understands that a close team off court can have a significant impact between failure and success on the court. It’s for this reason that he schedules summer trips to the Bahamas for his staff and team.

“They truly enjoy each other’s company which is the best part about it. I also schedule loads of bowling nights for the younger players as the veteran guys already get along fantastically with one another.”

Company culture, in many ways, can be seen as a basketball team. It’s vital that the employees get along with each other and its even more important that new arrivals feel like they are part of the team from the moment they arrive at the club.

The Benefits of Team Building

Companies that see the benefit to team building exercises are those that put the energy, money, and time into the process. The most popular and effective benefits to team building include:
Improved communication – Thanks to team building events, every employee communicates better with other employees in an effective and efficient manner. Those that never had the opportunity to communicate in the past are now working together to achieve a common goal.

Role Development – Everyone should know their role. However, this is rarely the case which causes some employees to feel left out. However, team building provides a simplistic way for employees to understand their role which helps them to bring out their best qualities in the process.

Skrill development – It’s never an easy task for someone to develop their skill set and managers rarely have the time to discover what each employee is truly good at. Thankfully, team building events are the perfect place , everyone to develop brand-new skills.

Remarkable Statistics

Most companies avoid team building exercises because they believe everything is perfect. If they don’t experience any major issues, why would they want to improve on it? However, the below statistics might change your mind going forward. More than 70% of workers in the United States alone are not engaged in the workplace.

Companies that feature engaged employees managed to earn 2.5 times more revenue when compared to companies with low engagement levels. There’s only 12% of employees that eventually leave their companies due to money issues which means company culture is the biggest issue.