Trump Administration Implements TikTok Ban

The President of the United States could find himself in legal trouble after announcing the ban on TikTok. ByteDance has threatened legal action against Donald Trump for confirming that American businesses cannot conduct business with TikTok in 45-Days time. ByteDance iterated their shock to the Executive Order implemented by POTUS, with TikTok Media Personnel clarifying that they’ll pursue all legal remedies available under the American Court System. ByteDance doesn’t was the “Rule of Law” disregarded purely out of their relationship to China, which is where ByteDance is headquartered.

President Donald Trump issued another Executive Order against WeChat, a Messaging Application that’s owned by Tencent. It’s a considerable escalation in the Trump Administrations economic war with Beijing’s Chinese Communist Party. Tencent hasn’t issued any formal details on their actions against this Executive Order, merely emphasizing that they’ll review the demands of Donald Trump & receive a full understanding before making further announcements.

America’s President could be creating long-lasting implications for the United States Economy. Tencent maintains 40% ownership into Epic Games, a leading gaming corporation that operates Fortnite. It’s the most popular video game in North America & Tencent could force the remaining 60% of investors to terminate America’s access to Fortnite. Losing this game & other titles from Epic Games could result in a downward spiral in the gaming industry, inflicting an onslaught of lawsuits against President Donald Trump.

Lack of Proof

President Donald Trump continues to cite National Security concerns with TikTok and WeChat. He’s demanded that September 15th will mark the final date where the ban won’t go into effect. Competing companies looking to negotiate with ByteDance for the acquisition of TikTok have until this date to finalize their contracts. It’s highly unlikely that a deal worth billions will be sustained in 45 days.

POTUS continually claims that TikTok & WeChat are collecting the information of American civilians for the Chinese Communist Party. Trump’s accusations haven’t warranted any official proof to date. Broad is the best word to describe Donald Trump’s campaign against China, with the only evidence towards his actions being a desire for America to return as the worlds manufacturing power.