UK Supermarkets Limiting Available Items to Shoppers

The United Kingdom is starting to prepare for their 2nd wave of COVID-19, which is slated to be drastically worse than the original wave. Civilian personnel have begun stockpiling household items, preparing for the worst-case scenario where people can’t leave home for months. Supermarket chains throughout the United Kingdom have started to respond, wanting to avoid similar problems from the initial wave, which saw the available stock of common goods become unavailable after consumers purchased high quantities.

It’s been announced by Tesco, Morrison’s, Asda, and Waitrose that they’re limiting the number of items consumers can purchase during the 2nd wave. Tesco revealed that toilet rolls, dried pasta, flour, baby wipes, and wet wipes aren’t permitted to exceed 2x for each consumer. Tesco’s announcement is identical to its primary competitor of Morrison’s.

Tesco Supermarket revealed that purchasing household essentials at bulk won’t be permitted and that everyone across Britain deserves equal access towards what’s needed with quarantine. Tesco clarified that their availability of stock won’t be depleted and that customers are encouraged to shop normally. Additional details from Tesco’s announcement notes that online orders have limits on rice & canned vegetables.

Limits with Morrison’s, Asda, and Waitrose.

September 24th marked the date when Morrison’s introduced their product limits, clarifying that toilet rolls & disinfectants won’t be permitted for bulk buying. Morrison’s also noted that stock levels haven’t depleted, and consumers shouldn’t worry about lack of availability if quarantine resumes.

Asda & Waitrose didn’t make largescale announcements like Tesco or Morrison’s. Asda ensured shoppers that stock was at good availability with their in-store and online options. Asda didn’t clarify which products they’ve limited to consumers, with Waitrose following suit. Waitrose tried to garner faith behind consumers by guarantying stocks were normal. However, the lack of formidable details will likely send UK customers towards Tesco & Morrison’s.

It should be mentioned that this isn’t the first time that UK Supermarkets have been forced to implement these standards in 2020. March of this year saw Waitrose, Morrison’s, Asda, and Tesco all work towards eliminating “Panic Shopping”. Similar efforts have been made via advertisements by the three supermarkets in recent weeks, hoping to avoid similar issues that played out between March to April.