Ultimate Team Building Activities for Small Businesses

Effective teamwork is considered the cornerstone to any successful business, but working with others can usually be quite crushing, even for employees with loads of patience. Being able to manage conflicts effectively is necessary when it comes to creating a collaborative environment. A cooperative atmosphere can be encouraged by team building, allowing co-workers to connect organically.

Research indicates that happy employees are more productive and therefore it’s in your best interest to make that statistic a reality by simply going the extra mile with your employees. Plus, a highly productive and happy team will organically make your small business more appealing to customers. While most moan when team building is mentioned, these activities listed below doesn’t need to be focused around obstacle courses and trust falls. Let’s take a look at fun team building activities that will assist in better connecting your employees.

Escape Room

After a rapid increase in popularity recently, escape rooms are one of the best ways to try something new, develop problem-solving skills, and build comradely. Escape rooms essentially operate on teamwork to get the best results where clues need to be brought together to solve each section. Solving various puzzles in a limited time, different objects will trigger clues in the room if employees are struggling. You will also notice that escape rooms come with different themes, including a murder mystery, a sinister plot, or a spreading disease.

Scavenger Hunt

If you are searching for a low-cost option, a scavenger hunt is an ideal way to create a team bonding experience. This can be done almost anywhere, including a courtyard, a break room, and a warehouse where you can also use just about anything as props. By utilizing common office items, including cups, notebooks, or staplers along with a series of clues printed on paper to accompany them, you can easily craft an entertaining scavenger hunt for your employees that will lead them to different locations. You can also add a reward for the winner to further incentive your employees to solve the problem.

Office Trivia

Although this is usually considered a barroom activity, office trivia can be a great way to keep your co-workers informed on all office happenings and is considered a fantastic way to bond. Office trivia can be used to cover just about any topic of your choosing, including office characteristics, interpersonal knowledge, protocols, or even rules of the office. You can also offer incentives, such as gift cards, extra vacation days, or more to those that manage to get the most correct answers.

Community Service

A fantastic way to encourage bonding among your employees while giving back to the community is by acts of service. There are several ways to get involved when it comes to community service, including donating items to the nearest animal shelter, creating a park clean-up, volunteering at your nearest food pantry, and more. This will also assist in spreading good-will and will develop a positive impression of your small business.