Unai Emery Fired

Fans of the premier league football team, Arsenal, are rejoicing for Unai Emery has officially been terminated as the club’s head coach and manager. This comes after the Spaniard took the role from Arsene Wenger last season during May. Unai Emery wasn’t able to bring the team back from their failures under the Wenger Era, creating more losses than wins during his 18-month period with the team.

November 21st marked the final nail in the coffin for Unai Emery, with Arsenal being defeated by Frankfurt. This match wasn’t even in the Premier League but was instead held with the Europe League and resulted in a 2-1 loss for Arsenal. This marks the seventh consecutive loss for Arsenal, bringing them down to 8th in the English Premier League. In didn’t help Unai Emery that for the last months, fans have been questions his capabilities as a coach. There were even massive petitions begging the team for his termination. Arsenal officially stated that Unai Emery was fired due to performance results not being at the required level.

It reached a horrendous level where Arsenal fans weren’t filling upwards of 25 thousand seats, consuming significant losses in profit for the sporting organization. This was a tactic enacted by fans to guarantee that Unai Emery would be fired from Arsenal, which would have come off as a personal city-wide vendetta.

The statement continued with Arsenal mentioned their sincere thanks to Emery and his coaching staff, who never stopped to try and return Arsenal to its previous glory. Unfortunately, this head coach wasn’t the solution that this football organization required. Arsenal ended their comments by wishing Unai Emery the best with his coaching future, which most believe is over as of this third termination from a professional team.

The Temporary Coach

Arsenal has implemented a temporary coach to assist with the required duties until an official new leader is selected. This man is Freddie Ljungberg, who formerly played with Arsenal and hasn’t ever taken on a coaching role in the past. There’s the chance that Freddie could become the head coach if he succeeds at winning Arsenal multiple games consecutively. He will take to the field for the first time as a coach on November 30th in Norwich City. Hopefully, he has implemented some instantaneous tactics that will award them a victory.

Ljungberg tweeted to Arsenal fans that it doesn’t matter how long he will remain as the temporary coach, that he will put everything he has into the team that provided him with a lifelong career. His tweets finished with noting that the team needs fans to support them in the busy weeks ahead.