Virgin Atlantic Loses 48% of Workforce.

The Aviation Industry is continuing to suffer unlike ever before, with job losses outweighing the 9/11 closures tenfold. Numerous airlines have announced the selling of their fleets, termination of workforces, and postponement of operation. The latest airline to inform the press that additional employees have been cut is Virgin Atlantic. It was confirmed that 1,150 jobs had been negated at Virgin Atlantic Airlines, allowing the company to fulfil their £1.2 Billion Rescue Plan. This plan guaranteed their survival for another eighteen months. However, the announcement comes after 3,500 jobs were already lost. Out of the +10 thousand personnel, Virgin Atlantic employed at the start of 2020, 5350 positions are remaining at the company.

PR Agents with Virgin Atlantic Airlines released a formal statement, clarifying that unexpected job losses were required amongst reduced activity. Sustainability in their future operations required the termination of pilots, baggage handlers, check-in attendants, security, and hospitality assistants. Following the requirement to preserve cost & reduce operational costs, Virgin Atlantic Airlines has secured its position in the aviation industry for a year & a half.

Virgin Atlantic clarified that since January 2020, they’d experienced their most challenging period in history & that scalability changes were required to ensure that their brand emerges from this international crisis. The dependability of Virgin Atlantic sustaining future years of growth is dependent that international travel resumes average valuations by December 2022. It’s unlikely a COVID-19 vaccine will be globally accessible by that point & the potential for Virgin Atlantic to file for bankruptcy is very much alive.

Unexpected Furloughs

It should be mentioned that additional losses are anticipated with crew redundancies. Virgin Atlantic has implemented a furlough platform, which would allow 600 employees to receive government-backed finances by opting to leave their positions at Virgin Atlantic. It’s not surprising that Virgin Atlantic Airlines have made additional losses. British Airways, Emirates, Air Canada, West Jet, and United Airlines have all faced similar losses. September 2nd saw United Airlines announced 16 thousand job losses. It’s expected that the global aviation industry will have 50+ thousand employed personnel lose their jobs, marking the most prominent drop in the industries history.