Walmart Facing New Challenges Amidst COVID-19

Retail corporations that’ve been deemed efficient are struggling with excessive demands. Consumers are limited to their exposure with the retail space, but when available are acquiring significant volumes of product. It’s prompted corporations like Walmart to implement a substantial hiring spree, with it being recently announced that 150+ workers will be hired throughout the next six weeks. An average of five thousand individuals is utilised daily, which is benefiting a small percentage of the millions who have lost jobs throughout America.

It’s not known how the government will react to this hiring assessment, with it going against the “Stay-At-Home” orders for 150+ thousand additional civilians. It’ll amplify the wait times at checkpoints and potentially cause another outbreak of coronavirus, creating new epicentres throughout America. The problem for Walmart is that an increased volume of consumers means limited workforces.

Walmart doesn’t account for an influx of consumers purchasing a selection of goods like toilet paper, meat, vegetables, fruit, and household essentials. Some business analysts believe that the CDC and the American Government will demand increased disease control measures from Walmart. It’d help benefit consumers and employees in these populated retail locations.

Temporary Status

It should be mentioned that the Walmart Company is one of few earning higher profits & stock margins throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It was confirmed last week that their price valuations on stocks had increased by 10%. This enabled Walmart to work with their partnered companies, taking furloughed employees and providing them temporary status. Increased funds and stock margins mean more finances for American workforces.

Many of these temporary employees have been taken from the hospitality and restaurant industries, with Walmart inquiring these individuals from 50+ partnered companies. The overwhelming percentage of these temporary employees are listed for part-time roles, meaning their active status will be terminated after the pandemic. 15% of these individuals will be considered permanent, with those employees taking management positions. Walmart representatives noted that protective measures are being implemented, with all employees now being required to wear face masks in America until Mid-May or later. Emergency leave for all employed individuals has also been extended, with their safety being democratic liberty.