Walt Disney Stops Advertising with Facebook

Financial burdens sustaining Facebook within its advertising division is growing weekly. This follows after a worldwide push for international corporations to terminate their advertisements on the social media service. Facebook has actively avoided removing members that use their platform for hate speeches, racist intolerances, and horrendous videos depicting violence again minorities. It became guaranteed that Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t do anything about racist users after being with executives from companies like Starbucks & Verizon Mobile.

After learning that Facebook wouldn’t implement an Enforcement Policy against Racism, the Walt Disney Company confirmed that they’d terminate advertisements on the social media service & redirect it to other digital avenues. This boycott extends towards Instagram, a platform entirely owned and managed through Facebook. Walt Disney cited that until Facebook solves controversial content about race, they’ll not reinstate advertising on the platform.

Top Businesses Standing Against Facebook Below:

  • Boeing Airlines
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Ford Company
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Levi’s Jeans
  • Rebook
  • Verizon Mobile
  • Walgreens
  • Vans
  • White Castle
  • Starbucks

Advertising analysts hadn’t anticipated the Walt Disney Company to terminate their campaigns with Facebook until the 3rd Quarter. That’s because conventionally contracts with largescale companies are sustained for more extended periods. Analysts were again surprised when Disney didn’t announce their disassociation with Facebook through largescale news outlets. Their confirmation was instead made through documents released for public consumption. Surveying these documents unveiled upcoming changes the Walt Disney Company will implement during COVID-19, and what they’ll do to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The Walt Disney Company will stop publishing advertisements regarding their upcoming film properties, the Disney+ Streaming Service, or the Hulu Streaming Service. Walt Disney then spoke directly to the social media platform & remarked that more work must be down for civil rights groups. Media personnel recommended on Bob Chapet’s behalf that Facebook must create technological tools that can enhance the profiling of racist users & disband them from the platform.

What’s Next?

Challenges await companies that are boycotting Facebook, with Mark Zuckerberg infamously being known for not adhering to the requests of largescale corporations or the government. Zuckerberg often stands against political movements, showing a level of ignorance that most “Forbes Top 100 CEOs” don’t easily get away with.