Ways to Greatly Improve Team Performance in the Workplace

It’s your worst nightmare as the manager of a team. They are unmotivated, not communicating, and are divided as none of them are getting along. You’ve had meetings after meetings in an attempt to encourage collaboration and productivity, but nothing seems to work.

Therefore its time to make some drastic changes. Improving the performance of your team requires leadership, conviction, and commitment from you as well as your team. Researching qualities of teams that are performing well is going to be your first step. What is the high performing team doing differently, and how will this assist in growing your team?

Thereafter, you will need to present new processes. Outline the specific changes with your team that you will put in place going forward. Get their feedback and input to ensure that each of them is committed to your new processes. If you require inspiration, you can start with action steps that we included below to make your team’s performance more effective.

1. Create a System of Measurement

Measuring the performance of your team is essential when you want to enhance and improve the output of your team. Without having tangible data, you won’t have a clue on whether you are improving or where it’s going wrong. Objective and Key Results is one of the best systems you can incorporate within your team. OKR’s can be implemented on an individual and team level to assist you with quarterly and yearly forecasts.

2. Offer an Incentive

Once you implemented your OKR’s for the year, or even the quarter, you will need to create an incentive once your team meets your requirements. Once your team understands that there is a reward for their efforts, it will drive them to push even harder. The goal-setting for your OKR’s needs to be aggressive and therefore you should only really hit about 75% of your goals on the OKR.

3. Develop Templates

There’s no need to re-invent the wheel when you can simply create templates. When you manage a project that requires loads of steps and is always reoccurring, a template can save you and your team loads of time and ensure nothing is left out.

4. Don’t Have Meeting For Everything

Studies indicate that an average employee will attend over 60 meetings within a month and half of them will be ineffective. Therefore we highly recommend joining the effective meeting movement by only scheduling meetings when they are truly necessary. To make sure that each meeting is highly effective, begin with a purpose and always end with a clear action.

5. Look for Team Building Exercises

One of the best characteristics of teams that perform well is knowing when to have fun. One of the secret keys to enhance productivity is taking a break from the daily work environment. There’s nothing better than allowing your team to take a break where they can reconnect and recharge with each other. Games that involve team bonding will also encourage teamwork.