Weird and Wonderful Sporting Challenges

They are sometimes few and far between, but you will always find them on the field, the track and even in your office. Adrenaline junkies or pure extreme enthusiasts. They are still pushing the limits and expanding the horizons. These are some of the sporting challenges which make their blood pump. Their excuse is often that you need to face death to feel alive truly. If you are keen on that mantra, why not explore some of the following out of the ordinary activities?

Getting a Different Perspective on Life with Bridge Climbing

This is for those wild are heart, but stuck in the urban jungle. No need to drive towards far off places to find cliffs to climb while the possibility exists that you have a bridge right close by in your home city. Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most famous bridges that climbers prefer, but any high bridge can do to get a different perspective on the daily routine most are stuck in far below.

Cliff Face Camping, Hanging Around At High Altitudes

Before attempting a night of hanging around, be sure that no bathroom breaks would be required and most definitely be sure that you have never found yourself guilty of sleepwalking. Cliff faces camping doesn’t allow for that. Cliff faces camping is put, spending your night dreaming away in your tent, suspended over the cliff and hanging mid-air. Yes, this is most definitely considered to be an extreme sport, mostly not practised alone for you would probably need assistance getting in and out of your tent.

Storm Chasing

Since the movie Twister many years ago, the extreme sport of storm chasing gained popularity. Hunting down tornadoes is, however, only one version of the competition. Any severe weather can be tracked and caught on video or pics to display your glorious moment to the faint-hearted. Living life on the edge of the storm can bring a unique thrill.

Volcano Boarding, Almost Like Playing With Fire

For this thrill, you would need a thin board of metal or plywood and an active volcano. Protective wear would be preferable, especially for your eyes, since this can get dusty. Currently, the most famous spot for sliding down the slopes of an active volcano is set on the slopes of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. First climbing to the top is needed, so you would need to have a certain level of fitness and health to partake.

Wing Walking, a Scene from the Silver Screen

It might seem like you are looking at a scene from an old movie and you won’t be far off. Walking on the wing of a flying aeroplane was indeed first done as stunts in a 1920 film, and from there it inspired the extreme sport of wing walking, which is considered today to be an outdoor activity. Today this is the preferred way for a couple of daredevils to challenge the odds while having their heads in the clouds.