What is a Business Fraternity and Should you Join One

Similar to a college fraternity – a business fraternity is focused on the brotherhood that is created between men in a professional workplace. Usually, these fraternities complete incorporating sporting leagues and events, along with occasionally helping out the community as well as to create a better image for their business and to help the market.

Business fraternities can help any professional, no matter if they are just getting out of school or If they have been in the business world for a couple of years. One of the main highlights of joining one is the ample amount of opportunities to enhance your job-related skills, learn how to work as a team, earn internship opportunities, along with increasing your professional networking circle to help you advance. Before deciding to join a business fraternity – here are a few benefits it could have in your professional career.

The Benefits

While it may have a similar name to the typical Greek organisations that were common in university – business fraternities focus on building and expanding your professional relationships in the office, along with expanding and networking with different people at a variety of companies. These fraternities are key to helping you advance in your career in a fun and beneficial way. Many business fraternities ensure that team building along with professionalism is key when participating in any business related event.

However, not every event takes place in your business casual attire. In some cases, business fraternities will compete in Corporate Sports League as a way to stay active, have fun and build friendly competitive relationships with other companies. One well-known league is the Ultimate Corporate League which is the largest in India and host an array of corporate-related spirts games and events with the purpose of bringing companies together.

It should be known that a business fraternity is only as helpful as the group wants it to be. Which means squashing petty office drama and issues with the sole purpose of advancing your career and having a healthy bond with your coworkers. Moreover, a healthy and functional business fraternity would increase the likelihood of other companies wanting to partner up and work with one another.

Are they Truly Helpful

It may surprise you to know that the nosiness world is filled with CEO’s who were previously apart of a business fraternity when they first started in the business world. One of the biggest names being William Hewlett – the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard (HP).

There is an array of business fraternities that you can choose from. Some specialise in certain areas while others are more general. Although, joining one in college is an incredible addition to your resume when starting in the business world. Although, joining one is not the holy grail of making a mark in the company. Many of the bigger and high-rank companies really won’t focus on in the business fraternity membership. That is not to say that certain hiring managers won’t be impressed.

So, What Should I Do?

This depends on your personal choices. Joining a business fraternity has its perks that can help certain people climb up on the business ladder. Mainly, it depends on what you did while in the fraternity along with how active you were (applying, going t business seminars, etc.). It is sad to say that a few companies will gladly skim over this part in your resume, deposing on your area and what job you are applying for. But, always be sure to add it as you never know if it’ll be the push needed for you to get the job of your dreams.