When Teams Fail To Deliver

Sometimes teams don’t click, and it becomes a group of people working against each other instead of supporting each other. This happens in an office set-up as well as in the sports arena. Sometimes even when it is assumed that you are dealing with players on a professional level. Some epic team failures include the following.

Minnesota Golden Gophers – 2006

During 2006 the most significant record was set for a comeback in the NCAA Football Division |FBS bowl. It also was the setting of the worst collapse in college football during a game. The Texas Tech Red Raiders came in as a slight favourite above the Golden Gophers, but they failed to deliver on that expectation for the majority of the match. Eight minutes into the game, Texas Tech changed the score with 31 points to get to a 38-all tie. The Gophers fought back, but the Red Raiders kept up and won the game. Days later the Minnesota Golden Gophers fired Glen Mason, the head coach. Nothing is over until it is over.

Boston Red Sox – 2011

The Sox was dominating the American League East Division for almost the entire second half of the season in 2011. Then the collapse occurred, which costed them to qualify for the MLB Postseason. After a series of losses the Sox had victory in only seven games and ended up tied with Tampa Bay Rays. The Sox had to win the Rays in their playoffs, but the Rays won the game during the extra innings. This meant that the Sox post-season run never happened for them. From being over-confident to an embarrassing defeat.

Washington Redskins – 1978

This team delivered another example of where great success was followed by terrible defeat. The Redskins had a winning streak in 1978 and showed so much promise during the start of the season. Under the guidance of Jack Pardee as head coach, they started the season with six straight wins. Then they began to struggle, but during games 12 to 16, they had a final collapse with five defeats in a row. The failure placed them only third in the NFC East, and they missed the playoffs that year.

Miami Dolphins – 1993

Sometimes a team is depending too much on a single player and when that one person is out the entire team collapse. This happened with the Dolphins in 1993. During week six of the season, they lost Dan Marino as quarterback due to injury. Usually, when this happens in NFL, teams deliver on a back-up of the same calibre. The Dolphins failed to do this. After starting with a brilliant 9-2 record they suffered greatly after Marino, but it was after losing Scott Mitchell too, that the team collapsed and didn’t even qualify for the playoffs during that year. From greatness to defeat, caused by depending too much on individual success rather than making the teamwork.